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KitchenCraft Amco Four in One Tenderiser KC8825

KitchenCraft Amco Four in One Tenderiser KC8825


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Equal Parts Meat Tenderiser, Mallet And Marinator, The Amco Houseworks' 4-in-1 Metal Meat Tenderiser Features Everything You Need To Prepare Your Meat, Fish And Poultry For The Perfect Recipe!

Its Prism-shaped Head Provides Four Important Functions. There's The Large Pyramided Side, Which Is Ideal For Tenderising Those Chewy Fibres In Tougher Cuts Of Meat. Then There's The Small Pyramided Side - This Is Designed For Tenderising More Delicate Cuts, Such As Cheap Sirloin Steaks.

Pound Cutlets And Fillets To An Uniform Thickness With The Flat Side. This Can Help You Achieve A More Evenly Cooked Result. Or Use The Marinating Spikes To Pierce Your Meat Or Fish Steaks. With This You Can Ensure Your Marinades Penetrate Deeper And Quicker, For More Flavour That Won't Get Washed Away During Cooking.

Finished With A Comfort Grip Handle, This Meat Mallet Tenderises And Hammers Your Meat And Poultry, Without Your Hands Having To Take A Good Hiding At The Same Time!

An Award-winning Brand, Amco Houseworksâ® Was Established Over Forty Years Ago, Focused On Making Cooking Easier. It's A Commitment That's Earned It The Love And Respect Of Professional And Home Cooks Around The World. Specializing In Combining Precision And Performance To Create Stylishly Designed Premium Kitchen Tools. Innovative, Intuitive And Easy To Use For The Cooking Enthusiast.
Features & Benefits
A Great Tenderiser For Breaking
Down All Types Of Meat Fibres
For More Succulent Results
For Tougher Cuts Of Meat, Use
The Large Pyramids And For
More Delicate Cuts (Sirloin
Steak), Use The Small Pyramids
Pierce Meat With Marinating
Spikes For Faster Penetration Of
Marinades In All Cuts Of Meat,
Poultry And Fish
Handwash Only

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