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TERRO Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer


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Attracts And Kills All Common Household Ants
Kills The Ants You See And The Ants You Don’t
Worker Ants Deliver A Lethal Dose To The Rest Of The Colony
Apply Product To Cardboard Tiles And Place Where Ants Are Seen
The More Bait Placements The Better Your Results Will Be
Use Along Baseboards, Under Cabinets And Near Entry Points

TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer
When You Have A Bug Problem, You Want To Ensure Your Efforts Are As Simple And Effective As Possible. Terro® Liquid Ant Killer Uses Borax To Kill The Ants You See, As Well As The Ants You Don’t See. It Works By Allowing The Forager Ants To Consume The Product And Survive Long Enough To Carry The Liquid Back To The Nest And Deliver A Dose To The Rest Of The Colony. Complete Control May Take Up To Two Weeks. For Your Convenience, The Packaging Conveniently Comes Apart To Allow

For Easy Placement.
How Does Liquid Ant Killer Work?
Since This Is A Bait, Initially You Will See More Ants – But Don’t Worry, This Is A Good Thing. As Ants Forage For Food, They Are Easily Attracted To The Sweet Liquid. After Finding The Bait, Worker Ants Consume It And Leave Behind A Pheromone Trail Leading Back To The Colony. This Trail Lets Other Worker Ants Know Where The Newly Discovered Food Supply Is. This Is Why You Will See More Ants In The Beginning.
Meanwhile, The Active Ingredient, Borax, Is Slowly Interfering With Each Ant’s Digestive System, Ultimately Killing Them, But Leaving Enough Time For The Ants To Go Back And Share The Dose With The Rest Of The Colony. This Slow Kill Is Necessary So That Foraging Ants Can Make Several Trips To The Bait, Allowing You To Get Rid Of Both The Ants You See And The Ants You Don’t.

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