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HG Rust Stain Remover 500 ml

HG Rust Stain Remover 500 ml


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HG Is Specialised In The Products Of High Quality Cleaning, Protection And Takes The The Design
The Hg Range Offers A Solution For All The Cleaning Around The House
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Product Description
HG Rust Stain Remover Effortlessly Removes Rust Spots As Well As Other Oxidation And Stains From All Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, Marble, Roof Tiles, Metal And Wood. The Product Does Not Contain Acids And Is Therefore Not Only Completely Safe For Specified Materials, As Well As Being Suitable For Marble, Hard Stone, Concrete And Stone, And Other Chalky Stones. Hg Rust Stain Remover, Use On A Dry Ground. The Product On The Oxidation Or Rust Spots Spray So That They Are Completely Covered With Liquid. There Is A Discoloration, Which In The Event Of Iron Grate Purple Out Of The Box. The Repellent Around 5 Minutes Long, Residue Is Left Behind. The Exposure Time Can Be Used On 15 Minutes – The Mediterranean But Cannot Eintrocknen. In That Case The Stain Or Oxidation, With Other Quantities Of This Product To Remodel. To The Reaction Time The Liquid With A Paper Or Cloth Cleaning Up. Before Rinse Out The Medium, The Treated Area Thoroughly With Water Until The Stain Disappears Are Locked Up Safe And Sound.

Product Safety
This Product Is Subject To Specific Safety Warnings
Harmful If Swallowed
May Cause An Allergic Skin Reaction

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